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Posted By Holly / On Oct 29th, 2016

Event Photo Additions

Posted By admin / On Jun 23rd, 2016


I’ve updated the gallery with most of the missing events from 2015, you can check them by clicking the thumb to go to the album or the link to go to the category!




Events > 2015

Posted By admin / On Sep 1st, 2015

MTV Video Music Awards

Added several HQ pictures of Dylan at the VMA, check them below!


Posted By admin / On Aug 15th, 2015

PHOTOS: Ted Baker London A/W Launch Event

I added one picture of Dylan at the Teen Wolf signing at the Comic-Con. Thanks to Cody Christian Fan for sending the picture. 


Two high quality pictures of Dylan along Dylan O’Brien, Thomas Sangster and Aramis Knight at the annual Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Party At Float have been added to the gallery.


Posted By admin / On Jul 11th, 2015

AMC’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ At Comic-Con 2015

We had some trouble with the site today but everything should be fine now.

I added 2 high quality pictures of Dylan at the ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ event yesterday at the Comic Con.


8 high quality pictures of Dylan at the Press Room of Teen Wolf at the Comic-Con have been added to the gallery.