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“Light As A Feather” gets Season 2 Premiere Date On Hulu

“Light As A Feather” gets Season 2 Premiere Date On Hulu

Hulu has set July 26 for the Season 2 premiere of Light as a Feather, the supernatural thriller based on Zoe Aarsen’s book, from AwesomenessTV, Wattpad and Kelsey Grammer’s Grammnet (Girlfriends).

Having inherited the curse brought on by the lethal game of “Light As A Feather,” McKenna finds herself plagued by the mysterious chrysalis on her back, a ticking clock compelling her to play a new round of the game…But McKenna refuses, unwilling to put anyone else in harm’s way. However, as the curse begins to destroy her from the inside out, she’s forced to turn to the only person who can possibly help her — Violet.

Dylan Sprayberry Web is back!

Dylan Sprayberry Web is back!

Hello. I am Hyune and I adopted Dylan Sprayberry Web. I’m going through and seeing what is missing and started on the photoshoot section. Over the next few weeks, I will be capping a few movies and tv shows and adding missing events. I will also be clearing the affiliates since mostly all the links are dead. If you wish to be affiliates with us please bear with me while I fix some of the site. I’ve notice links need to be updated and such and that will be done promptly. I will also add my family sites so that you can see what I have! Until then!

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New owner!

Hello. My name is Karina and I’m new owner of Dylan Sprayberry Web! I’ll update a lot of information, a lot of new pictures and more. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

New Owner

Hi everyone, Maria had to step down as webmaster and has handed the reigns over to me. Please be patient with me as I get the site back up to par, it won’t take entirely too long!


I’ve updated the gallery with most of the missing events from 2015, you can check them by clicking the thumb to go to the album or the link to go to the category!




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