dylan-sprayberry.com is an unofficial fan site, made by a fan for other fans of Dylan. We have no connection or contact with Dylan, his family, or his management. Please do not contact us thinking we are Dylan because we are not, and we cannot forward anything to him. No profit is made through this fansite.

Please do not reproduce any part of this site without permission from the webmasters. A huge amount of time has been spent working on this site and seeing that work reproduced elsewhere is not good ‘netiquette’. Original text such as, but not limited to, the Biography, Charity information and trivia, were written by the webmasters exclusively for this site. Please do not reproduce our original work. Media displayed on this site is owned by its respective creators.

No copyright infringement is ever intended through the use of items on this site. Picture copyright is owned by the respective photographers and we claim no copyright ownership of the images on this site. This site is for fan entertainment and information only – We do not receive financial gain through the content of this site. If you own the copyright to any of the photos or text within this site and would like to see them removed please contact us and they will be removed immediately upon receipt of the email.

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